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  • Trilobis 65 - an underwater house
    A lot has been said about the possible houses of the future. Architects, engineers, designers and other creators have offered hundreds of proposals, some more realistic than others. It's curious to see that nearly all of them are environmentally conscious and point towards sustainability and that the bolder and more interesting ones have the ocean as a basis. When the earth is used up...
  • Falkirk wheel
    There are numerous river canals in Great Britain that form an intricate and extensive network. These structures have a long tradition in this country. It is thought that they started out as simple irrigation systems and, in the 18th and 19th centuries, during the Industrial Revolution, turned into means of transportation of merchandise. In some areas, however, some natural barriers had to be overtaken....
  • Pedestrian barrier
    If this system is adopted by the streets of our cities, then drivers are going to have to drive more carefully when they see pedestrian crossings. Imagine that when the traffic light turns red, dozens of laser rays are laid in front of you, separating the cars from the pedestrians who start crossing the street. It's a scary sight, actually... But don't worry: the...
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